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  • Look who is back!

    A MASSIVE warm 'welcome back' to congress favourite Mauricio Reyes!

    Mauricio will be teaching, DJing AND MC'ing for you over the weekend.

    Despite his youthful good looks do not be deceived....Mauricio has been a big part of the salsa scene for many many years, teaching salsa since the very young age of 17....and he hasn't aged a day!



  • By popular demand DJassi and Sally Green are back with us!

    Prepare to take your kizomba to a whole new level PLUS the opportunity to try a workshop in Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts/dance)

    This lively and fun couple have over 48 'dance years' between them. 48!!!

    Little known facts....DJassi's smooth kizomba style started with him dancing with a BROOM! Luckily he now dances with the lovely Sally

    Perhaps a legacy from Broom Dancing...the pair like to dance with 'no hands' (try out their workshops and see)

    Teaching all over, both nationally and internationally has given Sally and DJassi a huge amount of dance experience but a memorable venue was salsa dancing right down the aisle of a party bus!



  • Wow

    We introduced a new guy to our congress line up recently....all the way from Cyprus.....Alexandros Iacovides.....

    Alex LOVES LOVES LOVES social dancing and is looking forward to dancing with ALL our congress ladies!...

    Teaching in different countries fuels the passion that Alex has for music and dancing. So please make him welcome in Newcastle and enjoy teaching him a new language....Geordie!

    Alex strives to improve his technique year on year and watches dancers daily in order to expand his skills. He always wants to be a better dancer than 'last year's Alex' which, when you see him perform, is not easy to achieve.

    As well as dancing and teaching and making videos of his dancing (check out his Android apps and YouTube) Alex loves talking about dancing too! Talking to dance people makes him happy 😊

    Alex believes the BEST example for proper Dance Timing & Musicality lies with: Tom & Jerry (the old ones) cartoons!

    We can't wait for him to join our congress! Last few passes left at £69

    Ladies....we think after meeting and dancing with Alex you will have 'a bit of a crush' ❤

    'We are all there with one beautiful goal, to dance and connect'



  • Have you booked yet ?

    One for the late night Party Animals....and for those ladies who like to see a hot, toned set of rock hard abs....Nigel May is back with us!

    The lovely lady really needs no introduction and is definitely a congress favourite.

    Rasa is an accomplished dancer of both salsa and bachata, teaching all over Europe and even further afield in places such as Miami and the Dominican Republic. Rasa has reached an incredibly high standard.




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