• Dance with me!

    We are always receptive to feedback and are keen to improve year on year.

    One thing we learned from going to other congresses/parties/festivals/events is that some people are more confident than others about asking someone to dance. This can be for so many reasons but being turned down can knock confidence and make a person less likely to ask a stranger in future.

    We want to remain friendly and inclusive and for everyone to make happy memories ⛅️

    So....with that in mind...

    Would you be willing to wear a ‘Dance with me’ sticker? It means if you’re asked, you will dance!


    You will get more dances

    Beginners/less experienced congress attendees will feel more confident asking someone to dance if they are wearing a sticker

    It’s a great way to dance with someone you haven’t danced with before without the ‘fear of rejection’

    It makes our friendly congress even friendlier!

    NB: There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to wear a sticker. If you do, you don’t have to wear it all night either. Your sticker, your choice!

    Stickers will be available on check in and throughout the weekend.

    1 sticker should be enough. If it’s not, feel free to plaster yourself in them, stand in the middle of the floor and yell ‘DANCE WITH MEEEEEE!!!!!’



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